It’s sad to say in my household my priorities for when a fire breaks out is first to rescue the budgerigars followed by myself. My budgerigars give me twenty-four-hour entertainment and are a much more effective medication then the Prozac I take for depression along with the cocktail of antipsychotic drugs for my schizophrenia.

They do make a mess and can be noisy but this is cancelled out for me by the sheer enjoyment they give and the physical and mental exercise In keeping them clean and healthy. For those who say they are dumb birds spend a day with my current four little darlings and you’ll see there is intelligence behind those beady little eyes.

I’m a believer in that if you’re going to be responsible for the life of a pet then you should do it to the best of your capabilities. In my case, I have four budgerigars and being caged birds they deserve the freedom to fly reasonable distances, have access to the best veterinary care, food supplies and a stimulating environment.

My budgerigars are kept in a 6 ft by 3 ft indoor aviary allowing them plenty of flight back and forth all day as well as regular access to the outside living room when they are cleaned out daily. The vets are well acquainted with my feathered friends and they all get a half-yearly checkups to ensure they are in the best of health. Water is always on tap in their own little indoor pond along with a bath for when they wish to deep clean there feathers. Sand is also on hand if they wish to have a sand bath along with oyster shell, grit and limestone for digestion. They also have access to a mineral block, iodine block as well as a large cuttlefish. Seed is a properly balanced diet with only once weekly feeds of millet and honeybells.

Rene is the smallest and oldest of the quartet and is now showing her age as she has started to suffer from several health problems. This does not mean that she is still not a feisty female who keeps the other three budgerigars companions in check. Fiercely independent she will not interact with humans but will gladly go in and out of the cage at will or when I gesture to her which helps in cleaning the cage.


Renato is the second oldest female budgerigar she prefers to stay in the background and not make a fuss over anything but when she feels her friends are under threat all bets are off.


Billy is the youngest member, a feisty male teenager fiercely independent and will happily play with you so long as he can chew on your fingers and you don’t want to handle him for too long.

Norman is the most playful of the quartet and another male teenager. He will sit on my finger, run up and down my arm and generally use my body as a giant playtoy. He likes to destroy toys and chase the cleaning brush around the aviary floor as well as biting your finger through the cage in a playful manner. He will also actively seek out humans to play with them but when he has had enough fun with the human then he retreats back to his cage.


The budgerigars are the start and end of my life I make no apologies if it sounds crazy or you can’t understand my obsession with them the simple fact is they keep me alive throughout my long illness and battling my mental health problems.

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